"I am Kumaresan, BE (ECE), Student from "Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering & Technology" hailing from an agricultural family when i completed my graduation really i don't know what i am going to do. Then i got information about Proc ademia through my college after that i joined in Procademia as a student. Then i got internship opportunuity in Quadruple Education Network and now i am one of the member in Procademia development team. Procademia helps students like me to get more opportunities in the industries. My all credits goes to Procademia and i too proud to say thanks to Procademia."
-- Kumaresan   BE-ECE, Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering & Technology

" We got a Job at BizTalk360 at Coimbatore. Our sincere thanks to you and Procademia Team for giving this wonderful opportunity to us."
-- RajeshKumar K    Bsc., Electronics, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science

"Procademia, was designed nice. as feedback good, by upgrading that notifications seeing to dynamic view.. it will be good more as facebook. But its rocking now, it's true as madhu said, for Social network - Facebook, for Professional - linked in for Mentoring its Procademia!!! nice thing ya..."
-- Vivek Soundararajan R    M.Sc (S/w Engg.) Integerated Degree, Coimbatore Institute Of Technology

"Sir,I am really proud to be Procademian. Really thank you for giving such great opportunities to student community. I am assure you that I am going to get acquire huge amount of knowledge and going to develop my skills through Procademia. I also star ted conveying about Procademia to all my friends in my institution and other institutions. THANK YOU SIR."
-- Ahielan Ravichandran    Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Krishna College of Technology

" Procademia is one online platform, in which I am able to connect with lot of senior people from different companies. A very simple to use portal where I can create my goals, align with my mentor, perform tasks monitored by the mentor and accomplish m y goals. I get mentored from my Mentors in HTML 5 and css. Students like me and freshers will be able to have consolidated information about jobs and Internship here in this portal.Thanks to my Mentors and Procademia."
-- Durai Moorthy    B.E - Bachelor of Engineering, SSN College Of Engineering

"I see Procademia as a great tool to network between Industry and academia. We happened to utilize the services of Procademia. Procademia helped us connect with Mr.Senthil Kumar, Environment Manager, APAC, FORD and was instrumental in bringing him as Chief Guest for our IEEE International Conference on "Green Computing Communication and Electrical Engineering" scheduled during 06-08 March 2014. Faculty Members can invite professionals of all streams for Guest lecturers and seminars through Procademia. I wish Procademia team a great year ahead. "
-- Dr. K. Porkumaran, M.E., Phd., SMEEE, MISTE, MIE   Principal, Dr.NGP Institute ofTechnology, Coimbatore-48

"My sincere thanks to Procademia for having their Corporate Partner Biztalk360 recruit 3 students from our college at an annual salary of Rs 2.8 lacs. Procademia's efficient mentoring and knowledge sharing strategies have transformed the professiona lism and remuneration of these students. Procademia has enabled us achieve excellence in our goal to bring the rural youth to the forefront by transforming their IQ levels, moral values and intelligence. We are eager to continue our association with Procademia to develop new ideas and solutions for the challenges that lie ahead of us."
-- Mr. Sridhar Ramachandran   Professor, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College Of Arts And Science (Autonomous)

"I am sure www.procademia.com is not only a web portal, but a remarkable milestone in developing Human Resources and Worldwide Knowledge Infrastructure for the future"
-- Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha   Principal, Educosm Technical Campus Jaipur

"Procademia.com is a novel initiative in India, and has come at just the right time when our students are facing a mammoth task in finding the right role for their education and academic achievements. Today, as industry demands diverse talents with mu ltiple skill sets, I see the role of Procademia as an e-mentor and career counselor, and I am sure that the collaboration of academicians like me, with industry professionals will create a clear path for our students empowering them to emerge as successful individuals in life. Most of all, I see Procademia as a tool that re-kindles the fire that was ignited by educational institutions."
-- Dr. K. Ravichandran   Professor & Head, Madurai Kamaraj University

"We are living in an era not only dominated but also driven by technology. Access to technology and ability to exploit the same for personal and societal needs have become critical for the development of the country. Ready availability of trained and motivated workforce is a pre-requisite for making use of technology for development. India is one of the countries in the world where the number of people in the productive age group exceeds the number outside this group, young or old. In addition, in the next few decades, this number is likely to increase further. If India is to make use of this demographic advantage, it is essential that this younger workforce is suitably trained and motivated. Procademia is one of the unique initiatives wherein experienced professionals and academicians come together to mentor the next generation of students. Aided suitably by an online Mentoring portal for building knowledge driven communities, offline Mentoring workshops for aligning interests among relevant stakeholders and privileged access for students to senior professionals and academicians across multiple sectors, Procademia will act as a bridge to convert the workforce into a trained workforce."
-- Prof. Ramamurthy   Director, National Institute of Advanced Studies

"Education in all perspectives is the need of the hour, as most of the present education systems address only one component namely the knowledge enhancement and not the skill development component (Selling, Communication, Interpersonal relationship, a nd a many). I am delighted to see Procademia marking an important milestone by attempting to bridge this gap and come out with a platform to connect between Students, Academicians, and Professionals. I am sure that this facilitation of Procademia through appropriate Mentoring would produce eminent business leaders and personalities for tomorrow."
-- Dr.N.Rajalingam    Professor, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University

"I have already started using Procademia more frequently! I am quite impressed by the drive and determination of Procademia team to make it succeed. I see it as a meaningful social place where I can give my best possible in terms of mentoring not only students but also start ups."
-- Srinath Ranga   Co-founder & Principal Consultant, Ideyeah Solutions LLP

"Right education should help the student, not only to develop his capacities, but to understand his own highest interest-J.Krishnamurti." -Procademia team understood the need and created a platform to bring student and professionals together t hrough mentoring. This initiative would elevate students to discover their passion and long term career aspirations to become smart professionals by enhancing their IQ & EQ. As an ISR – Individual Social Responsibility, let us build empowered youth nation by assisting the youth to create right future for them through the right mentors. I am sure; today's small step would lead to assist young minds to achieve their dreams & passion through procademia portal. Wishing team to reach their dream goals to support every global student to achieve their passion. All the very Best!"
-- Manjula Dharmalingam   Director, HCS - Mumbai

"The need to ensure equality in professions and utilization of human resources evenly, has led us to transcend from a knowledge based education system to one that is talent and skill based. The transition raises the need for the seamless flow of know ledge and expertise between academics, industry and our future generation, and we need to leverage on technology to create and sustain the connection to result in continuous and progressive changes. I visualize Procademia as one such change agent that is committed to steering this strategic move. Their approach towards mentoring and using technology as a tool to empower students and engage professionals seem realistic and ideal. I am sure the success would benefit the education and industrial sectors and Procademia is a model to be emboldened and adapted."
-- Prof Armoogum Parsuramen   Founder President, Former Minister of Education, Mauritius

" Employability of fresh students has been a challenge for corporate India and an initiative of this kind is most needed. I can visualize this venture creating a huge impact with students and their prospective employers. The passion and commitment in w hich the founders of Procademia has built the idea from scratch leaves no doubt on its success."
-- I A S Balamurugan   Co-founder & Director, Metis Family Office Services Pvt Limited