Our Initiative

At present, a degree alone is not enough to land a graduate a job. Much of the knowledge a student gains from his college is theoretical. Application of this theoretical knowledge in the workplace is also extremely poor. As the Yashpal Committee put it, "There is a lot of teaching and training in India, but very little learning and understanding." The students who graduate are not job ready and lack the skillset needed for any profession. In India, millions of students pass out every year and find it very difficult to get a job.

Having gone through similar situations in their own lives, Quadruple's four founders felt a very strong need and desire to the change this scenario. After an in-depth and systematic study, they understood that this crisis in the education sector was because of a gaping disconnect between all the stakeholders of the system and that was how Procademia - India's 1st Online Mentoring Platform was conceptualized . A product of Quadruple Education Network Private Limited, Procademia is a platform that connects students, professionals, academicians, corporate and colleges.

The portal will enable academicians to understand industry needs so that they can train their students accordingly. The students will be able to get mentored and guided by professionals. By this process, they will understand their needs, strengths and dreams. The corporates in turn would be more than glad to induct industry-ready graduates. Thus, Procademia is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.

As an online platform, Procademia promotes two key activities

1.Mentoring: When Professionals Inspire Students

"If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn't need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is guidance to turn him around."

In India, Mentoring, both online and offline, is a budding and promising concept that is gaining importance only recently. Our portal initiates in-person/offline Mentoring which is then carried forward to the online portal that's designed to bridge the intangible gap between a learner and a learned to impart knowledge and guidance. The public at large will witness a dramatic change in the way social networking evolves.

We all have a stake in collective future and irrespective of the fact whether we received quality education or not, we must look back and share our experience, expertise and insights which we learned the hard way. Procademia does exactly that.

2.EduMeet: When Industry Integrates with Academia

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand."

EduMeet is a larger collaborative avenue, that spans the Indian and international horizons, for the Industry and the Academia to come together and exchange pools of knowledge, for each other's benefit and mainly for the students'.

It includes – Guest Lecture, Seminars and Workshops. EduMeet doesn't stop at this and can be further customized for a college's needs and convenience in collaboration with the preferred corporate body. This establishes a rich interaction and bridges the industry-academia divide. It is designed to be a global knowledge tree of resourceful and enlightening network.