Knowledge Society

The seed for Quadruple Education Services was sown with the idea of creating a powerful knowledge society. Knowledge is a key resource for a vibrant society. And the four pillars that strengthen a knowledge society are quality education, science and technology, information and communication technologies and pioneering innovations. Young people are bound to play a major role because they are often among the first to use new technologies and to help establish them as familiar features of everyday life. But older people also have an important part to play. They possess the experience required to offset the relative superficiality of "real-time" communication and remind us that knowledge is but a road to wisdom.

In today's world, where everybody wants the best standards of living, infrastructural facilities, health services and education, the role of a knowledge society is very significant. With the world becoming a global village and national boundaries getting blurred, countries are working together to create a sustainable global economy. A knowledge society is a society that is nurtured by its diversity and its capacities. It is therefore necessary to work towards connecting the forms of knowledge that societies already possess and the new forms of development, acquisition and spread of knowledge valued by the knowledge economy model.