Individual Social Responsibility [ISR]

The individual and the ethics he follows are the crux of a society that nurtures values.

To create such an ideal society, every individual needs to take charge and contribute. At Quadruple too, the emphasis is on making every person matter. We believe that small drops do make a mighty ocean.

But in modern times where everybody is running the race of life, an individual's energies are mostly focused on his life and its quality and the term "society" does not get the significance it deserves.

Quadruple wants to create a change in this thought process and is now making it possible for people to contribute to society and exhibit their individual social responsibility through Procademia - India's 1st Online Mentoring Platform.

At Procademia, we provide you the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise and groom thousands of students and freshers. By being part of this initiative, not only will you turn mentor for these students but you will also be recognized among Mentoring groups, corporates and society for your effort. Besides, you will learn to understand your capabilities better than before.

So come and join us and together let's build a strong knowledge society that is powered by the ideology of sharing.