Mentoring (online & offline)

  • Key element of Procademia is Mentoring. Professionals from the industry or the very own Alumni of your college undertake students as mentees and impart knowledge, insight and expertise to them.
  • This is the most important part of the molding process for any student helping them to make informed choices for their career.
  • Offline mentoring, on the other hand, is promoted by Procademia to take place in your own campus and convenience of your classrooms in a live, in-person fashion.


  • The most sought out for guest lectures, seminars, workshops and industry-meets are facilitated by Procademia for sole benefit of the students.
  • Connected professional and corporate users can volunteer and the college can materialize the event. The industry walks to the student and imparts the Market Dynamics right in their campus.
  • It goes beyond into an environment and exchange that the collaboration designs for itself.

Internships and Projects

  • Students are better guided and directed through our portal to find the right avenue for internship in sync with their skill and education.
  • They can also undertake projects offered by the corporate. This empowers a student to ensure better introduction to industry environment for him/her.


  • An innovative avenue for students to get connected with their alumni and numerous other professionals who are now blended with the market and industry.
  • Here, they can share ideas, thoughts, doubts and fears which will be addressed by the trusted minds of their seniors and alumni.
  • Portal suggests mentors through skill mapping to identify the right mentor for students.

Goals and tasks

  • Students can, together with mentors, identify their goals which will be followed by Tasks assigned by the mentors. It is a great way to evaluate the student talent and skill.
  • This also gives the student an idea of the industry parameters and pressure which he/she will tackle better.

Greater Employability

  • The relationship that develops over online and offline Mentoring between the mentor and the student can, in many cases, develop into enhanced career prospects as the professional mentor would seek a trustworthy and familiar candidate to recruit for their company.

Greater Social Inclination

  • A student who will be benefitted by the Procademia process will have a deeper conscience to contribute back to the people and thus transforming the immediate and larger social order into a healthier environment.

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Globalized Networking

  • Here is an opportunity for the professionals from the industry to passively market themselves and their companies as they build connections with the alumni, academicians, current students and friends in their city, country or even the world.


  • Professionals as mentors gain personal and professional satisfaction in helping a youth by employing their leadership skill which will be reflected in their performance over time.

Boost Recognition

  • Professionals as mentors to the youth gain recognition from the industry and their peers.
  • Mentoring prepares employees to take on greater responsibilities in the corporation.

Social depth

  • Mentoring promotes deeper understanding about young learners and societal problems.

Find Right Institutions and People

  • Procademia worldwide network makes it dramatically easier for professionals, willing to share their expertise and knowledge, to find appropriate academies and academicians for guest lectures, workshops and seminars for their students.

Interpersonal skills

  • Professionals gain improved interpersonal skills as a mentor to the students and fresher community.

Enhanced Placements

  • As a close collaborator with students and academicians a corporate body through its Procademia users can spot the right employee by using their network and gift of discretion for the benefit of their business and the youth.

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  • Here is an opportunity for the academicians to establish worldwide connections with the industry experts and gain awareness of current corporate trends in their city, country or even the world.

Alumni connect

  • Procademia is an online solution to stay connected with your current students and alumni from anywhere in the world.
  • You can follow their progress and accomplishments and establish substantial connections.

Classroom atmosphere

  • With better information and insight the atmosphere in classrooms will be more engaging and productive which gives the professor a much needed boost and confidence.

Find resourceful people

  • Procademia worldwide network makes it dramatically easier to find resourceful and perfect people for guest lectures, workshops and seminars for their students.
  • It can also be extended to simply learn from individuals who enjoy expertise in their respective fields.


  • As a close collaborator with students, academicians and professors can source better placement opportunities by using their network and gift of discretion for the benefit of their students.

Social Presence

  • The missing social presence that academicians deal with which hampers their social as well as professional life can be revived through our portal thus making it a holistic approach.

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