Current Day Crisis

On the surface, the unemployment and employability crisis is invisible.

Every year, millions of young students end up making wrong career choices without any sense of purpose in life. All owing to the simple reason that they did not encounter a mentor-like figure to get their focus right. This colossal waste of skill and talent is alarming.

Following are the flaws that have plagued the system:

    Industry is a Stranger:

  • Graduates are largely unaware of the industry dynamics and expectations. The job that awaits them is a complete stranger and when they join a company the process of training starts from scratch, all over again.
  • Minimal Market Interaction:

  • Inadequate amount of interaction or communication happens between college and industry representatives. Guest lecture, workshops or seminars etc. are limited only to a select few colleges.
  • Indian Employability Predicament :

  • By 2020, India needs 500 million strong skilled workforces for various increasingly competitive industries. The present education system is ill-equipped and not capable of producing the kind of quality human resource that a company needs.
  • Mentoring:

  • Mentoring is invisible and insignificant in Indian Education scenario. An organized system for Mentoring needs to be introduced and incorporated immediately in colleges and involve a number of professionals
  • Underutilization of HR Assets:

  • Knowledge drain is a critical issue. The tacit knowledge gained by the senior professionals over the years is not shared with the younger, prospective employees resulting in the silent loss of resources.
  • Misconception about Classroom Performance:

  • Among students, parents and professors, a prevalent clouded notion is that ranks and grades are sufficient indication for industry competency
  • Misinterpretation of Student’s Talent:

  • Talent and interests of individual students are collectively presumed by the parents and teachers alike which results in wrong choices of career and incompetency.
  • Alumni:

  • Alumni are not retained as guides and mentors for current students. There is absence of up-to-date database of alumni progress and accomplishments.
  • Absence of a Network:

  • Missing network between industry/ professionals and the academia. This is important because there needs to be a resource pool from which the academicians can choose the best possible source of guidance for students.
  • Missing Social Ingredient:

  • Interaction that happens in confidentiality and in a personal sphere is more introspective and thus, productive. There is a need to establish that because that takes shape of an eco-system of giving back to the society.